CPAC - so far not setting the world on fire

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Feb 12, 2021
I just listened to Donald Jr Trump and it was OK but really we heard all of this before and lets face it Reps can complain all they want but they are in no position to do anything. They gave up their one chance that President Trump gave them - a LandSlide 2020 Win. The only way I see them getting some traction is to get the 2020 election records and machines in the hands of experts and prove that Election Fraud was Real. Of course if the experts say everything was on the up and up then Trump is behind the 8 ball. From the evidence that has come out it looks like they will have a good shot to prove Election Fraud. Although late out of the gate some actions are taking root. The good news is whatever has to be done they only have 1 yr + to do it and should puts a fire under their a**.

I money is on President Trump 2020 LandSlide Win


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