Cross Party Discussions - Is it time to start cross-party discussion groups where liberals and conservatives seek mutual grounds of agreement?

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Jan 20, 2021
As the pendulum swings from the current rage between politicians who are now sounding more like children in a mud fight than adults, most people I know are actually much more moderate in their views than what is being portrayed in the news. In fact, the pundits who are actually being "paid to rage", don't come close to the common sense of most Americans. Therefore, to counter the special interests who are trying to create conflict in this country, I ask this WR audience to consider the notion of Cross Party Common Sense Discussion Groups and suggest topics of mutual interest and solutions. Here are three suggested topics to start off with.

1. How many things of mutual interest can you think of between liberals and conservatives?

2. If a group of people want to try-out a new idea like socialized medicine or guaranteed income, how about trying it out in one area or one state first and let's see how that works out before trying to force it on everyone else?


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