Dark Days Ahead Unless China's Unregulated Gene Editing and Merging A.I. is Stopped

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Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
The CCP is literally, right now, trying to genetically clone "super soldiers". That and engineered viruses for use against caucasians (not blacks; they need the blacks for slave labor).

The so-called "Biden administration" is, safe to say, not going to get in China's way. Especially when the Bidens are profiting directly from the Chinese. Joe is Xi and Gates/Zuckerberg's installed puppet.

It's the fox guarding the hen house (or perhaps the whore house in the case of Hunter)...

Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020

Bannon warns of “dark days ahead” unless the CCP’s totally unregulated research programs are stopped.
DITTO... existential threat...
aka...WORLD DEPOPULATION ENABLED through all the "test results" in re: covid, DNA from geneology tests....A TOTAL SCI-FI HORROR SHOW to unfold...as they intermingle "new stuff" with our genetics...OMG


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Yea, they'll do what they want to do as a mostly human response to the pressure from fear. China is slated to have the most problems with rising sea levels - I think it was in Science News a month or two ago. This is what I think drives their latest actions.

To genetic types of research, well it's a given once it's possible that it will be deployed. This happens when social restraints are weak or absent. Crazed authoritarians do this and other diabolical things because they can and see a need to do so. Same goes on EVERYWHERE humans are involved unless society restrains them. It's up to all people to restrain the crazies of the World, but then who decides who is crazy?

No need to panic, just apply the required force to prevent the crazies from doing the crazy stuff. Same goes for here in the USA - Stop the Crazies. It requires a critical mass of people to apply force to the point most likely to disrupt them / it. Could be one bullet or simply a slap of a hand or something in between. But, whatever it takes, by all means let's all get to work.

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