Daydreams on Easter Weekend

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Psalm 27

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Feb 13, 2021
The Divine Intelligence, that created all that exists, looked upon the creation the He called MAN, He saw that this, self aware, thought producing, image of Himself, had a flaw that could prove fatal to the fledgling creation, if not acted upon.

Without His continual presence, His creation would sink into the ignorance, that He had created him to overcome.

The Divine Author produced a singular man that He could inhabit through His third personality, The Holy Ghost. His Infinite Spirit made flesh. Jesus lived a life among His creations, with the sole purpose of enlightening their thoughts to the presence of their heavenly Father. Without whom, His creations would devolve into the ignorant practices of the lesser life forms that He had created.

Jesus taught by speaking in simple thought pictures, parables, that even the simplest, uneducated of His creations could understand and relate to. He did 'good' things and rebuked 'bad things'. He drew a definite, bright line between the two behaviors.

This Easter time helps us remember the final lesson that Jesus taught us, before returning to Our Father, who lives in eternity. He taught us by having us witness the brutish, violent behavior of His Roman tormentors. Men who would whip the flesh off another mans' bones, then nail Him hand and foot to a wooden cross and watch Him slowly die an agonizing death. All this, at the behest of a proudly vain pack of lying, mocking, Elite Thieves, whom He had once called His "chosen people".

By His death and resurrection, He offered proof of the fruits of mans' bad behavior and the promise of Our Fathers' peace in truth through all eternity. That promise is alive today for those of us who believe and it will carry us to peace as the TRUTH is revealed ;):LOL: Gods' Will shall prevail, HAPPY EASTER!

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