Dementia question

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Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
When elderly people are diagnosed with dementia, any legal documents that were created, even before a diagnosis, can be reversed or totally nullified IF the documents were executed by mental incompetence.
When Joe is removed from office, is there an argument to get all of his Executive Orders thrown out?


Active Member
Feb 11, 2021
New Jersey
Only if you can prove the mental incompetence was present before the diagnosis and you will need a bazillion experts. I am not trying to be a devil's advocate. Competency and lack of is very difficult to obtain in court. Families battle for years to obtain guardianship of their loved ones but as long as the person is oriented and can answer basic questions such as "what would you do if something catches fire" they are deemed competent. I am telling you this out of experience. Grandma blew over a ton of money in a period of 10 years and it took us that long to get her a competency hearing that sided with the family. What did it take? Her crashing the Escalade into a ditch taking a mailbox with her. I kid you not. 80k at Saks over stuff she never unpacked and stayed in her garage did not do it. Her inability to see her dog was dying in front of her did not do it. Her throwing away an 8ct emerald ring that no longer fit did not do it. She had to become a potential danger to self and others. Now we can argue Biden is both, but can it be validated in court?

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