Democrats are Treasonous for Turning a Blind Eye to the CCP

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New Member
Jan 14, 2021
I think that IN PROTEST TO BIDEN AND THE HO, Instead of going out and protesting during the "VIRTUAL ELECTION! as the left continues to Spread Fear, rumors of threats and Violence bringing in 30 plus thousand troops...... We should give OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP respect and a Sendoff as we stay home praying and meditating for him and his family in gratitude for the Tremendous Sacrifice they have all made in order to make this Country GREAT AGAIN!! At the same time we will pray for this Country, the People and the World as we all wait to see what's ahead..... This my friends will leave a lasting impression and thought on many minds for years to come......#letsnotgivethemwhattheywant, #weloveAmerica, weloveyouTrumpandfamily, # thank-youPresidentTrump

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