Did China seed the West with a more virulent version of their Virus?

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New Member
Feb 14, 2021
Why does China and surrounding Asian countries have orders of magnitude lower levels of virus cases per million people than Western Countries? Per https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, China = 63 cases/mil, Vietnam = 26/mil, Taiwan = 36/mil versus U.S. = 89,503/mil, Sweden = 67,535/mil, UK = 61,988/mil, Germany =29,937/mil, France = 59,804/mil, and always hot Panama = 79,164/mil.

Was this China virus designed to attack the DNA of Western civilized people versus Asian? How is this screaming disparity not being investigated by every branch of our security organizations/CDC? They should see if the case density in U.S. Asian populations (such as China Town's in S.F. and NYC) are in line with the rest of the surrounding population. But, my best guess is that the CCP seeded the West with a much more virulent version than the one they dealt with, especially, when you consider how densely populated those Asian countries are.

The U.S. has lost almost 30% more of her citizens to this China virus than it did fighting WWII. We have to know how this happened in order to respond to those responsible and prevent any future attacks.

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