Did Pelosi Realize She Was on Camera When She Said This About Biden?

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Well-known Member
Jan 10, 2021
“Open Biden” abracadabra!!!!. The Dems ARE getting everything they’ve ever wanted, no debate, no bipartisanship and no pushback 🤬


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Active Member
Feb 19, 2021
You have to understand that this tree has to be chopped down, one blow at a time. Nanci Pelosi has her nest feathered from both sides. More Dems than Repub's. Her wickedness and hate comes from fear of loosing it all. That is beginning to happen. She is worthless and has out lived her usefulness to her party. When you continue to leave her in a power position she will wield the hammer of destruction. She has built her strength over the years, one soul at a time, removing them one at a time, starting with"Newsome" will weaken her hold. Some of her followers will leave her support, as she holds information about them and they know she holds it over their heads, until they give her what she wants. Keep chopping, the tree will fall.


Well-known Member
Jan 10, 2021
SHE JUST GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. Pray she retires and they FINISH the WALL. Paid for. Materials there. Ground ready.
I got it: Lets send the SPEAKER to take care of the BORDER Problem.!!!!!!! That might work !!
I want to seeher in ja where she belongs. In my estimation, she has committed treason. Unfortunately, she will never get what what she deserves.

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