Don Surber — Trump still owns the Republican Party, time to clean out the Rinos…

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
There will be no MAGA Party or Patriot Party. The Republican Party still belongs to President Donald John Trump. Liz Cheney will discover that soon enough.

Donald Trump realized 20 years ago that a 3rd party would never work when he dropped out of the Reform Party's presidential race in 2000. He realizes it won't work in 2024 either.

Newsmax reported, "Former President Donald Trump has reportedly tabled the idea moving forward with a third party, as he now believes he will not be convicted in the Senate and is instead turning his focus to assisting primary challenges against Never Trump Republicans."

The report cited tweets from Maggie Haberman of the New York Times, a dubious source who promoted the QAnon-style Russian Collusion conspiracy theory.

But Newsmax also cited its interview with Ric Grenell.

He said, "No, we should not start the Patriot Party. We should work very hard on the Republican Party. Clearly, Donald Trump is a Republican and should run again as a Republican."

President Trump has received wise counsel. A third party is doomed because it lacks the political infrastructure needed and third parties attract loons. The goal of a political party is to win elected office. A third party as an admission that your ideas are so outside the mainstream that you will never win.

Republicans have the infrastructure necessary to win public office. The Republican Party elected and re-elected Donald Trump president. 95% of Republican voters voted for him in November.

The people behind the scenes back him. Ronna McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee, has been loyal. The state parties in Arizona and Wyoming publicly rebuked their Never Trumpers.

The problem has been with the elected officials.

Primarying people will work wonders in enforcing party loyalty. In 3 impeachments in U.S. history, heading into this one, only one senator voted to remove his own party's president: Mitt Romney.

Whereas I saw Democrats having enough Republican votes last week, the slow-walking of the impeachment trial means those votes apparently disappeared. Time heals all wounds. The hysteria of January 6 has worn off. Declarations that it was worse than 9/11 are forgotten.

The storming of the Capitol was a warning to Congress but also to President Trump. His movement is subject to sabotage both by infiltration and zealotry.

2024 is a long way off. I am not sure that I want Donald Trump seeking a third term. Perhaps he can serve as a diversion who takes the heat while the party decides. A good strategy for Mike Pence or anyone else interested in the job is to recruit his Cabinet for his campaign. The Trump presidency was hindered by his inability to appoint loyalists to jobs that require loyalty. Winning the presidency is not enough. You have to win over the government.

But 2022 is right around the corner. Republicans need to flip only 6 or 7 seats to take the House and 1 to take the Senate. How difficult can ballot harvesting be? Democrats learned. We can too.

A decade ago, the Republican rank-and-file made history by flipping 63 seats and taking back the House.

A Patriot Party cannot do that.

With the right candidates, a Republican Party can do it again.

First Wyomingites must dump Cheney in the primary....

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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020
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