Don't Let ELECTION FRAUD go down the road of Hunter's LAPTOP FROM HELL

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Well-known Member
Feb 12, 2021
The swam is so good at preventing Slam Dunk evidence like Russia Hoax, Hunter's LapTop From Hell from ever resulting in criminal charges. They know they can do the same thing with Election Fraud if we give up. They want to wear you down to the point that you just want to quit. Hammer away at Election Fraud everyday on ever social media you can get on so that Biden will be laughed at by World Leaders. Label him as a Fake President a person who sold out his country a Liar and a Criminal (when the laptop from hell evidence is taken serious by law enforcement) Push Mike Lindell's video Absolute Proof and fallow all his follow up videos. Get Smartmatic to sue so Mike can get the evidence entered into the legal record . TRUMP won with a LandSlide victory.


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