Dr Francis Boyle, Lawyer and Author Offers Legal Advice on Refusing Vaccine

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Well-known Member
Feb 19, 2021

Dr. Boyle, Human Rights Lawyer & Professor of International Law, Author of Biowarfare Treaty on Vaccines​

Has been on with Alex every month since the COVID pandemic began. Out of the chute, he was one of the first, if not the first to declare COVID-19 was without a doubt a bioweapon. He discussed in one of his earlier appearances on Alex's show exactly how it was created to give it gain of function. Can find most of his videos here on this site (banned.video)

Today, he's offering his expertise to assist those in professional fields that REQUIRE the experimental vaccine.



Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
yes, and he's right, the guy is telling the truth...I was up at the VA when all that was going on, these boys were really sick, I mean really.
they wasted away, force to get vaxxes, and nerve gas "protections" they were like zombies walking the halls with their drip bags, all fixin to die.
BUT hey, fauci thought it was a good idea. He never met an experiment he didn't like!!

but i guess if we killed more kids with the vaccines then what died in the war?? It's a good thing, right Anthony? after all those weren't progressive kids, those were patriots, from patriotic families...the rabbit hole gets deeper with each passing day.

hey, notice this Chi is the word for life
and FAU, or Faux is the word for fake or false/phony an imitation....

so Fake Life= now the "good" doctor makes sense.

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