Dr. Peter Navarro: The Big Steal Movie (For Defense Presentation.....0

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New Member
Feb 12, 2021
Why doesn't President Trump "commission" Dr. Navarro to put his 2020 election report-----in a video format,----with Dr. Navarro narrating / showing / demonstrating ALL the report's data, charts, graphs, etc.,-----to be shown TODAY / TOMORROW as part of the rebuttal presentation from the legal defense...... If NOTHING ELSE, it would serve to chew-up some of the alloted 16 hours,--------while exposing / proving the theft / fraud / corruption of the 2020 election,------while exploding Senate Democrat, and RINO heads!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Member
Feb 8, 2021
Because the gutless Republican Senators don't have the backbone to deal with the heat from the media about the stolen election. Damn their constituents...let's cover our butts.
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Jan 9, 2021
So many people could have nailed this in that chamber: Navarro, Kline, Powell, Gaetz, Giuliani...and of course Trump himself. Instead, we have empty suits droning on.

Starting to wonder about Trump...yet for the moment I still have to believe that he will come forth and fight.

Meanwhile, here is another thing Trump called right: the Andrew Cuomo murder of 15K+ seniors in NY state with his COVID policy of sending infected cases to nursing homes (to essentially de-populate, in the Bill Gates paradigm)...............the Dems are scrambling to cover this up and justify their killing.
Will it work? Good vs. Evil on naked display.

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