Dr. Sheva and Republican senate primary In Massachusetts

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New Member
Feb 19, 2021
I can't figure out why the issue of election fraud in Republican senate primary in Massachusetts has not gotten more traction. This issue was discussed in Mike Lindell's video a few weeks back. I was reminded of it today when Rudy was talking about Mitch McConnel not being interested in the evidence that Rudy had. Well besides not wanting Trump to be President, I believe the Republicans have at times been using the vulnerabilities of the voting machines to their own advantage.

Just as in the presidential election Dr. Sheva had everything going for him. He had all the volunteers and enthusiasm on his side. His opponent kept a low profile but still managed to win, but there were anomalies. In a bunch of precincts or counties the vote went to his opponent by the exact same margin. It was something like 40/60%. In the one precinct/county that did not have machine voting, it was Dr. Sheva with the advantage 60/40%.

The Republicans were running the same voting machine scam. No wonder the Republican establishment isn't interested in investigating election fraud and doing everything they can to impede investigations. As best as I can figure election fraud is a world wide scheme!
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Jan 9, 2021
Very interesting. Dr. Shiva won easily, just like Trump did. He knows it and we know it. The voting machines are controlled by the deep state “owners”, as George Carlin put it: the people who are above the government and above the law and pull the strings.

They alone, not us (never us) select who they want and they’ve gotten really good at it, especially since Trump’s surprise win which surprised and angered them. There’s trillions of dollars riding on not exposing and not correcting this. This is why it seems the legit winners have no chance. Ever again. Unless something dramatic and unforeseen occurs.

It’s a big club, and Shiva ain’t in it. What’s irritating is we little citizens are all conscious of being raped now, unlike before when we were unconscious...but there’s no way out at the moment, again unless something dramatic and unforeseen occurs.
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