Draft Of 2020 Democrat Platform Is A Socialist, Anti-White Manifesto

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
The complete lack of any set of actual policies that could appeal to all Americans has led the radicalized Democratic party into the darkness of open racism.

In an inversion of when the party was openly antagonistic to blacks, supported slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws, today's iteration of the nations' oldest political party has become a vessel of anti-white bigotry.

With racial relations now at the lowest point in half a century thanks to Barack Obama and his fellow social arsonists, the party of JFK and FDR has traded their one-time mantle of defenders of the working class for one of a divisive hostility toward white people that could shatter the republic if President Trump is defeated in November.

For a glimpse at the virulent animosity toward whites, one need look no farther than the 2020 DNC platform, a draft version of which was just published and which expands the definition of "white supremacy" so broadly that it could potentially include all who were born with a light complexion.

Badly stung by the rejection of Hillary Clinton by white working-class voters in 2016, the Democrats are out for revenge.

The platform also has been heavily influenced by Bernie Sanders, the race-baiting crank whose appeal to gullible young people has planted the seeds of socialism in a nation that is now coming apart at the seams.

Published by Politico, the draft platform has numerous references to whites who are lumped in with white supremacists, a shift that began after President Trump's election but has taken on a much more overt tone in the last few months.


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