ELECTION THEFT 2020 BY DEMOCRATS - It’s much worst than anyone knew - Kamala Harris is a Another Manchurian Candidate as a “Female Obama” - ARTICLE -

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Feb 13, 2021

ELECTION THEFT 2020: It’s much worst than anyone knew! DEMOCRATS WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN AND STEAL ELECTIONS . Kamala Harris is a Another Manchurian Candidate as a “Female Obama”

Make no mistake about it, Kamala Harris was born and bred, socially engineered and mind-control programmed to function as a Manchurian Candidate and female Obama.
In point of fact, just like Barack Hussein Obama, she is not even a U.S. citizen.

Fake Polls,

Rigged Debates,

Big Tech Censorship,

Mail-in Ballot Fraud,

Fixed Voting Precinct Outcomes,

Discarded Trump Votes,

Banned Republican Advertising,

Blocked Tweets and Twitter Accounts,

Hacked Voting Machines,

Dead Voters,

Illegal Voters,

Voter Suppression,

Ballot Box Intimidation,

Talk of 25th Amendment,

Democrat Lawfare in Blue States,

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Don’t Concede’ Demand

Joe Biden’s Claim He Cannot Lose Except by Theft

Nonstop Bashing of Tump and Praising of Biden

False Accusations about GOP Election Theft

Planned Riots in D.C. and Urban Uprisings by Left

Constant Gaslighting of the Electorate by MSM…


This isn’t an election; it’s not a POTUS vote;

it’s a non-stop, full-blown coup d’état

executed by the Democrat Party, Deep State,

and the New World Order Globalist Cabal

in order to stealthily install Joe Biden into

the Oval Office so that “Female Obama” and

Manchurian Candidate Kamala Harris can

be made dictator of the planned totalitarian

communist state—the USSA (A=Amerika).

~~~ END OF STORY ~~~



There’s now a plethora of hard evidence available in the public domain that proves conclusively that Kamala Harris is the secret weapon of the NWO globalists. She has been trained and mentored to become yet another extremely dangerous Manchurian Candidate like Obama was. In point of fact, Harris has been schooled rigorously and mind-controlled painstakingly to become a “Female Obama”. article was writen by state of the nation on october 22 2020
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Feb 19, 2021
NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. She was up against the Big T and she had no chance! They HAD to steal the election.

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