Electric Grid Attack Could Kill 90% of U.S. Population (segments 2/13/21)

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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
I know the Q research site is off limits but the guys are watching the power outages. Texas over 3 million.
love the reply:
"no worries, pedo Joe is giving the CCP control of our power grids" which reminded me of the power grid segment.
"Anon did wonder - given the independence of the Texas grid - it this was being overblown in hopes of co-opting it for the cabal."

I have wondered if (knowing their plans are often used as movie plots to divert the attention of the sheople) there wasn't an actual "fire sale" going to happen. I assume Tx has its own grid from the post above. I'm sure the CCP is tracking every outage and mapping out each grid down to little substations..

The chips sending info to china found a while back (since Waco + Branch Davidians I figured a chip had the ability to turn off the hosting electronic--got a smart fridge? smart freezer?) are probably elsewhere, but power is the keystone.

During an ice storm in MO I had gas and could heat water but not a gas stove. Power was out for 2 weeks in 2007 and a local radio station host was taking calls and people all across town (pop area 100k) were helping each other out. I was up all night listening to trees crack and fall, power boxes explode. using a bucket to get the water out of the basement so it wouldn't reach the gas pilot light on the water heater.

Re: TX


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