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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021

what do i mean, who stole from his friend the windows software
pushed him out, and then 50 other companies as well
if he couln't buy them out, he sabotaged their software etc
said he wanted to cure folks but made people of color sick and infertile...worldwide
now is buying up all the lands of the folks who lost all due to this pandemic

meanwhile he takes foudation "donations" to shelter his buddies funds as well...claining it cost him 50 million to help 150 ebola patients....yeah right.

that's not all, he owned the patents for corona many years ago, and then built the wuhan lab thru the organization he help found...WHO
then he went to work stealing patents from other researchers or ruining their carreers thru fauci his nasty little hench man, (they demand your work much as the CCP, MIkovits you must hear)and then had the odacity to want to help us with the cure...after he created the GMO CRISPR bug in the first place??e any of this sinking in??

the whole "pandemic scenario was mapped out in there agenda 21 event 201 literature. they really weren't smart writing down what they were planning. but they are counting on you who read to never believe any of this if a fact checking shill says nothing to see here.

go to zillow, see how many homes are now offered for sale by zillow. they say "owned by zillow in the pic"
and what corrporation represents then,why daddy gates old law firm and 2 former Microsoft heads, and who is buying up all the boarded up businesses in the "opportunity zones? " One guess.

well that would be the same guys that have funded antifa and BLM to begin with...and now they go for pennies on the dollar these former shops and restaurants in prime locations...and will reemerge as corporate jamba juice starbucks, whatevers
meanwhile mops and pops loose their business and their home...
quack quack if it looks like a duck its a duck.

who is that masked man Tonto? I don't know Chemo-savie, but maybe we can sell him something.

streaming here, sorry stream of consciousness

now he wants you to sell your home to him, on the idea that its not him but it is 2 of his higher ups, go do the math.

its a toss up as to who is more evil, him or Xi. and "never let a crisis go to waste, what masked man said that, righto, they are all in it. they want the entrepreneurial spirit to end, or to own what you began if there's money in it.

instead, we'll give all you former coal miners clean jobs at home, for 5 times less. becuase you can work cheap from home...of course you'll have to wear our monitor device, which we have patented, because no jerkin off on God's dime.

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