Florida Free is not Free Enough

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New Member
Mar 1, 2021
We are huge supporters of Governor DeSantis. Please find a way to stop the POLITICAL PERSECUTION of Floridians who support President Trump and have conservative viewpoints. This is not Cancel Culture. The name Cancel Culture is too nebulous and too soft.

This is POLITICAL PERSECUTION! It needs to be criminalized and it needs to stop.

Where is the law that protects us? WE NEED A LAW TO STOP THIS HEINOUS TREND. It’s no difference than Russia or Communist China

We are taunted, vilified, unable to express ourselves publicly with out fear of threat and possible harm.

We lose jobs, educational opportunities, university admissions, speaking engagements, community standing and a myriad of other societal ( many tax payer supported) activities.

The media pushes toxic/vile messages that they would NEVER consider saying on air if we were a “ Protected Class”.

We need legislation to protect us before something very dangerous occurs.

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