For the people still asleep and scared of the truth.

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I know how desperately difficult it is to wake from your slumber. The world isn’t a pretty place. I have been there, many times. Many of us aren’t here ”trolling” as you perceive it, because we don’t think alike. Many of us here are trying to encourage people to wake up and take action to better themselves and get ready for what is coming. But instead of taking this advice, and facts btw, you would instead like to label us as “trolls, non American, leftists, not Trump supporters, FBI agents, etc.” Which in itself is insulting (not that I care) to criticise people who are trying to help even if the truth hurts your feelings. If you wish to not hear the truth and maybe listen for once, take it in, do some research but instead criticise and mock us then please, yes by all means block us, as it is obvious you are not ready.

Pretending what is coming isn’t going to come because of hearsay by psyops or by elections that were just blatantly stolen from us and trying to convince people things will be okay because so and so will save us is extremely dangerous and you are putting peoples lives at risk. Then you will turn around and tell people who are stating what is coming as FBI agents? Does that make any kind of sense? Helping people verses keeping them asleep. Right then.

Asking people to be banned because they do not think like you is such a leftist, boomer, communist way of thinking and it being promoted is sickening especially when you state you are a pro American right winger. Better move back to twitter if you think like that because that is the biggest unAmerican thing to say and way to think.

Now yes I say scary things, but I speak the truth. Nothing I have said was a lie. I am not the boogey man out to freak people out. I want to help people by telling them what is happening, whether it frightens you or not. I was scared too but I helped myself, and many others to not be afraid but to fight back by being strong and not needing to rely on some other human being to guide me to be strong and happy. If you wish to block me for that than giving you falsehoods and making you feel like everything is fine and dandy then please do so. Thank you for listening may you have a wonderful and beautiful day!

From the great true American patriot who knows what freedom of speech means:


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