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Virginia VCU

Well-known Member
Feb 10, 2021
Any group or society that did not want their current situation to remain stagnant had to fight for change one way or another. Sometimes it was not too difficult, scream and shout and protest and things were changed. Other times it was all out war. Our founding fathers warned us not to let our governments get out of hand, but we did. [Realize how slick our government is, keeping us busy working ourselves to death just to have the very basic American dream; or, if you want to be the lazy, and content with just food and shelter, well you can have all of that for free!] They knew that as human nature has shown in the past, we would see the ugly side in many of our elected officials from time to time. Greed, power, and control would go to their heads. They [Fathers] warned that we must be prepared for a revolution when the controllers get out of hand and threaten our freedom. So what do we do? We could have war, or, we could stop financially supporting our enemies in D.C., stop funding big tech and wall street, stop working and paying taxes, and if you don't have enough savings then apply for welfare. But no, no one wants the hardships all of that would entail either. Like I said, freedom doesn't come free. If you are not willing to pay the price to keep it, then you won't have it. Making no decision is a decision made.

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