Gab CEO: Transhumanism is Good vs. Evil, Tech Oligarchs Want to Be Gods

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Jerry from Illinois

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
Today's show called the Descent into Hell was appropriately named. Mankind's never ending quest for utopia has been tried and found wanting time and again throughout history. It leaves behind a trail of blood and tears, wars, death, atrocity, injustice, revolution, heartbreak, and disillusionment. Scientism and it's spawn transhumanism are the latest manifestations by which the utopianists hope to gain immortality on their own terms. It is foolishness at best, madness at it's core, but that will not stop people from investing themselves in it. It is too great of a temptation to resist. The idea that somehow we can bypass certain death has always been the dream of men. In our day we think we are so darn smart, we think our technological prowess will deliver the goods, Wrong! True scientific achievment is wonderful, but it has it's limits. If it is eternal life we desire there is but one reality, and that is our God who is love. We need only to conform ourselves to the ten commandments and unite our lives to the Lord, and then live our lives and vocations accordingly.

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