Going Active Duty -following Schultz's advice and joining the Sacramento County Republican Party as a Precinctman

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Eric Hoffersson

New Member
Feb 12, 2021
Populist Proposal's for the Party to win California
1. Manual vote counts with transparent precinct spreadsheets traceable to Secretary of State open source tallies. Every voter receives a ballot with a serial number, known only to the voter. Voter can see vote was correctly shown on the spreadsheet online.
2. Lower sales taxes to 4%, but apply to all transactions including services and church collections (They call the fire department just like everyone else}
3. Put all mineral, lumber and fees paid for extracting natural resources into a fund to be distributed pro-rata to any person living in the State for 5 years. Cut off the legislature and governor from the funds. See Alaska. Then run an initiative on off shore drilling.
4. Sell public housing units as condos to the people living in them. Let them build some equity so they can move out at some point.
5. Eliminate income taxes on married couples under 25years old that are having more than one child.
6. School Choice: Parent(s) and child report to school when the child is 14. Family decides if the child wants to continue. If not, the state spending allocation will be put into a State account for the child. It can be used for tuition if the child wants to return. If not the account will be charged for costs of incarceration if any crimes are committed. If the child reaches 30years old, without costing the State money, the balance is given to the 30year old. Return discipline to the administrators, excludes distractive students from the population. Makes education possible for those that want to be there.
7. Allocate 80% of gasoline taxes to repaving and street and highway expansion, Sound walls need 2/3 approval in both houses. Eliminate HOV lanes -where a plumber going to a job sits in a jam while a family of 4 on vacation flies by.
8. Increase the housing supply. A. Stop environmentalist's law suits that slow projects indefinitely. B. Stop rent control. C. Stop low income inclusionary requirements that make projects difficult to finance. All of these will increase the number of housing and will lower the costs of housing for everyone dramatically. A huge increase in housing will allow homeless to find places to live.
9. End Post Modern intellectual terrorism in our schools. All Americans are Equal. Return to science, stop financing political driven science. The Bell Curve, a derivative of statistical analysis is the basis for all true science. Allow everyone to do the best they can with what they have. Return to meritocracy. Return to reason.
10. If there are 35 genders then build 35 bathrooms, have 35 separate competitions.
11. Audit the hell out government contracts.
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