Good things take time

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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
Hello. I was feeling doubt like many of us have . Jan 6th thru the 11th. I figured we were doomed and the outlook was grim. However, I have hooked up with someone who has said things that keep proving true. No not a psychic or anything ridiculous like that. In fact you wouldn't believe me if I told you who this person was, mostly because headlines back in 2011 said they all died. This person is believed to be dead. This person has connections and they know who really ordered their death. This is what drives this person to give intel on whats happening. I know we all want justice now, it seems its long overdue. But remember good things take time and good things dont come easy. Plus I must add that even though the media has tried to make Trump look like an idiot, he most definitely is not. Everything in its time. You wouldn't want them to rush before its time because then the evidence might not stick. No catch and release on this mission. They call it optics, things gotta look a certain way so as to trap the guilty. Trump is a great chess player in the sense that things are put in place. He will put them into check first then it will be checkmate! It wont be long, be prepared to be shocked at what will be revealed. Unthinkable acts against children and we the people have been getting sold out and well you will hear soon enough. There is going to come a time when you will need to be the strength of those that wake up late, so just hang in there. God has got this under control no matter what happens. God bless and protect and forgive us in Christ! CyA Eric

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