Google Executives Dream of 'Super AI' to Rule the World

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Rule the World, perhaps maybe don't know.
Using AI to create a parallel to a human mind, I don't think it's possible.
Understanding the human mind is far from being partially close or complete. The mind is a living thing not a set of pre-programmed responses. Even if responses could be made to be selected, randomness is very hard to accomplish. RNG - random number generators are not random enough even with a recent advance using a laser to create 254 trillion random digits per second. To include that into an AI brain is a stretch today. Current knowledge of the mind and how it operates is incomplete as it is still too complex and also an uncertain thing. Uncertainty, even to the person, who may act without fully understanding why and may understand only later after the action taken. Uncertainty in people is lowered by an observer when doing such in a common situation, such as predicting how people walk through an airport terminal. People have tendencies in certain situation. Auto traffic is another. But, understanding the uncertainty of a mind is at best uncertain, and when being observed or faced with a new situation, including the time of day, weather, amount of sleep, hunger, anger, pleasure, pain, bliss, and on with all the factors possible, the mind can and will act in a totally unexpected way, and how it does that is why we are human.

So, the AI brain - even with routines which self-modify, which batches upon batches, groups upon groups of parallel routines of is today, the hardware is easier to make. The software is too complex to fully test each and every part and their interactions. Tight code is easy to make in small parts, yes. And, many can be lumped into larger blocks, but then testing for certainty becomes harder. Of course humans do make mistakes, right? Our own organic selves don't know each and every thing we have the possibility to do, nor the time to find out.

Seems these THers believe if you speed the CPU up enough and add unlimited memory, you can make a inorganic brain. Someday - perhaps, but the teaching of that AI type of mind will take years - just like us - something we do until we die - up to 100 years of learning.

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