Gov. DeSantis GOES OFF on Shaming and Blaming of "the Unvaccinated"

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
Um...ah...unvaccinated people are..... NOT THE PROBLEM.....go to...GO DUCK GO search engine.....because the.....FACISTS AT GOOGLE ARE SUPRESSING THIS......and type in the rising group of doctors that explain the 'perfect storm' that is happening with the VACCINATED......IT has something to do with the ability of COVID to replicate.....IN THE a much more serious rate....
...there is NO WAY I can explain it....but ya gotta go to GO DUCK GO to find the info.....


Jun 9, 2021
Dr.Malone describes it as Antibody Dependence Enhancement.....the Viralogists' worst nightmare.
The vaxed have been played, CDC & Big Pharma R practicing Genicide. Dr.Faucinstein should get "The Chair" 4 Mass Murder. I hear U FlamingREDpatriot...!!!

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