Gun Control In The Third Reich

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
you can't name a plan that they haven't implemented from adolf's playbooks.
they weren't smart enough to think of it...but they had a great leader....and still do.

Xi has a statue of him, in his office.
seems they all think this way.


Well-known Member
Mar 25, 2021
Weapons are OK for country's to have for their protection but weapons aren’t OK for citizens of those country’s to protect themselves.

When country’s get rid of their army's, nuke’s, navy’s, bombers, rockets, etc., then maybe the world has grown up enough to respect each others spaces and weapons wont be necessary.
It’s a wishing well fantasy worth trying but until then we should all be well heeled.
Get to your local sporting club and get your family professionally trained, know your family’s physiological traits around your/their weapons and lock them in a safe place. Then take your family’s on other excursions hiking, beach, or to a farm to see/do things like this.

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