H.R. 1119 - Stopping Chinese Communist Involvement in the Power Grid Act

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Feb 17, 2021

Mar 9 ·​

H.R. 1119, by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC3). Would continue Trump’s ban on equipment purchase or use from six adversaries, including China​

Could the electrical equipment we use become an opportunity for the Chinese government or other governments to hack or cyberattack the U.S.?

I'm going to keep an eye on this...​


The U.S. has three main electrical grids: one serving the western half, one serving the eastern half, and one just for Texas. That Texas grid has been in the news in recent days as the state suffered one of the most severe electrical blackouts in U. S. history, after unusually low temperatures caused both a spike in demand for electricity and the majority of the grid components to freeze.

It awaits a potential vote in either the House Energy and Commerce, Foreign Affairs, or Oversight and Reform Committees.


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