Here we go again - Reps talking it up...Dems should be prosecuted, jailed, charged more of this talk...

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Well-known Member
Jan 19, 2021
Its all BS...Trump supporters will now again and again, threats, conspiracy theories, such and such should be jailed...never ending BS talk from this party......why isnt this happening, why isnt that.....???

Well just because Trump won doesnt mean your off the hook. Until the Military commie parasites take action or you take them all behind the gym and beat the fck out of them...and dont stop, and SHOULD not stop....these are permissible words in the US political arena now...NOTHING WILL HAPPEN...good luck getting your democracy`re now officially the Chinese States of America....probably need to change your anthem and flag now too....

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
America was never a democracy. It was a republic. That annoys me when people keep calling america a democracy.

Nothing Is going to happen. No arrests will be made. They have gotten away with it. And that isn’t a defeatist attitude it is realist. You just can’t see it yet.

Yes, repeatedly I have stated this peaceful bs isn’t going to get anything done. Can’t rely on the older generations, rely on gen z. They will have it the worse while the older gens are dead or dying. They will fight. With weapons not with votes. History. Always. Repeats. Itself. America has been lost. If trump had not gotten in all these people would still be asleep, they still are tbh, most Anyways.
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