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Feb 27, 2021
In a thread extolling Fog City Midge (who speaks for many of us deplorables, including some 200,000-300,000 in Georgia alone, it seems), Mr. MEAN BUSINESS posted the datasheet from the Office of the Former President that lists his many accomplishments, taking up page after page of the thread. I'm sure that he had a point, which I think was that the Trump presidency was heavy on action and achievement. Great, I totally agree. I used to watch the CBP Wall website over and over. I was going to post this as a response to MEANBIZ but on reflection wanted a broader audience as his page after page essentially lopped off and buried the Maggie thread.

Anyway, this is how I see the Trump presidency. Please allow me to break this down into phases:

PHASE 1. Trump descended the elevator with Melania and fought and won the 2016 election fair and square.

PHASE 2. Trump with POTUS-learner plates and despite the CIA/FBI/DOJ/MI6/MSM Russia Hoax and the foot-dragging GOP House and Senate still got lots of good things done and laid a sound foundation.

PHASE 3. Thanks largely to RINO GOP rascals among other things retiring from office after being slow-walked by Paul Ryan (our own GOP Haman) and in hindsight possibly aided by strategic Democrat vote-stealing, Pelosi replaces Ryan (Boo!).

PHASE 4. Trump attains Trumpian heights against great odds and Makes America Great Again (see many of the things on MEANBIZ list), for which he was duly impeached.

PHASE 5. CCP attacks the world with CCP-virus. Trump's response and moves were GREAT when he followed his instincts (see Peter Navarro, etc.), but ultimately he was let down administratively with numerous white-ants (termites) like Fauci diffusing his moves. For example, in retrospect, perhaps he shouldn't have given the COVID project to Pence. 15 DAYS TO STOP THE SPREAD was fine, but not open-ended monthly extensions; and the HCQ debacle was unforgiveable (not by Trump, by all anti-trumpers whose goal was extending the lockdowns to 3 Nov). Trump's advisors (not all) seemed to BURY TRUMP'S INSTINCTS - many examples like BigTech, not seizing control of states on CCP-virus when science was better known, focusing Trump's energies on reelection instead of running country, etc.

PHASE 6. Massive voting fraud perpetuated under our very eyes. Trump seemed immobilized and uber-reliant on a staff of chickens and Candy Barr, etc. TRUMP ALLOWED THE STEAL without calling on the vast power of the US Government to stop same. I don't BLAME Mr Trump, I think that he was overwhelmed by a cleverly designed perfect storm and listening to some awful advice instead of his instincts, BUT TRUMP WAS IN THE SEAT WHEN IT HAPPENED.

PHASE 7. They won, we lost. R.I.P. Constitutional Republic. There is no effective coordinated resistance to the new communist (or whatever it is) elitist federal government, so they are busy consolidating power against an ineffectual (or worse, compliant) opposition. In future years, this may be seen as a textbook-perfect almost bloodless (RIP Ashli Babbit) coup d’etat.

Please tell me what I got wrong or missed. Thank you and God bless. Ray
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