House Passes Sweeping Bill Making it Easier For Democrats to Steal Elections

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Good luck in 2022, 2024, 2028, 2032 Etc Etc... Said hundred of times. One party will rule, a communist one.

The Democrat-controlled House on Wednesday night passed H.R. 1, a massive elections reform bill making it easier for Democrats to steal elections.

The vote was 220-210.

All Republicans voted “nay.”

The House Democrats previously introduced the “For the People Act of 2021” which will ensure Democrats can count ballots for days and days after an election until they have enough votes to win.

The Democrats used Covid as a vehicle to successfully steal the White House and the Senate (and possibly the House) with ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, mail-in ballots and by counting ballots in secret for several days after Election Day in 2020 so now they’re passing legislation to make it easier to steal every election going forward.

The Democrats are making it easier for them to steal elections by automatically registering voters and expanding early and absentee voting.

“This is something that is enormously popular among the American people. The American people want to reduce the role of big, dark, special interest money in politics, which is preventing so many good things from happening. The people want to see an end to voter suppression,” Speaker Pelosi said about H.R. 1 on Tuesday.

The House Democrats passed this legislation as Republican-controlled state legislatures in 28 states have filed more than 100 bills since the 2020 election to prevent Democrat voter fraud.

H.R. 1 will head to the Senate where Democrats have a slim majority with a 50-50 senate and Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker.

Progressives keep pushing to abolish the filibuster since the bill needs 60 votes to advance in the Senate, but Democrat Senators Manchin and Sinema have opposed eliminating the filibuster.


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
The bill also eliminates legislative redistricting, and turns it over to a commission.

Dems not controlling too many State legislatures, and blue States will be losing districts this year to Texas and Florida.

Dems got clobbered in all the down ballot races in the last 2 census-year elections.


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
Good luck trying to find 38 States that want to disenfranchise themselves.

There's a "Sense of the Congress" on D.C. Statehood in H.R. 1, and a separate P.R. Statehood bill was introduced today.

D.C. Statehood is an egregious Constitutional conflict of interest.

Article V Convention is the Constitutional remedy here.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Do We the People do any of the real checks and balances or help maintain a balance of power in,
or more importantly over, our governments?
Voting is not often enough for us to hold the elected accountable.
Events happen faster these days.
Much damage can occur in the space between elections.

But there's another factor which needs addressing - our rightful participation in government beyond voting. We can write our own amendments to the US Constitution via the 9th and 10th amendments, and present them to the States for ratification. We are not prohibited. And, it serves another purpose.

While this last point seems like a tall order, and it is to get 38 states to go along, but that's not the point.
The point is showing the force We the People have. It's a way to speak up and be noticed.
Whether it amounts to anything is secondary to:
providing a means of giving the system
an un-thought of input
from an unexpected group
in an unusual way.
It would help give rise to We the People beyond voting, which seems not very effective.

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