How China Plays The U.S. Like A Fiddle In The Global Financial Markets

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New Member
Mar 3, 2021
At 7:15 is an explanation by the incomparable Luke Gromen:
Basically it works like this: there's something called "the Euro-dollar market". This is just the name for where 2 out of 3 U.S. Dollars exist (no, the U.S. Fed is not a "central bank" since they do not have any control over this market).

The grift runs like this: China borrows U.S. Dollars, which it then loans out to desperate emerging countries. The emerging countries post their resources (land, oil, copper, ports, airports, rice etc.) as collateral. If the U.S. Dollar gets too strong, the hapless country country has to default, since they need more and more of their local currency to repay the loan. And China gets the collateral. But the other thing that can happen is a headline "'Oh No, Emerging Markets are in Trouble!" so then you step in (oops I mean the Fed steps in using your money) to help out the emerging country (with something called "swaps"). This makes China whole; and in the meantime this also keeps the U.S. Dollar higher than it would otherwise be, making it easier and easier for China to compete with their low-cost goods.

So then we get headlines like the one below. When you read this, remember that is your money:

For any stray Independents or Democrats reading this, or even any RINOs: this is the Biden program that Donald J. Trump interrupted. You, your kids, and your grandkids will be much poorer because you did not insist on a transparent and legal election. My suggestion is to start learning Mandarin so you can talk to your bosses and owners.

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