How the RNC controls the power of the precinct chairmen

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New Member
Mar 1, 2021
In 2012 I was a precinct chairman in NW Fort Worth. When we had the Tarrant county Republican convention, I found out that voting wise I was only an alternate delegate. The RNC controls down through the state Republican committee down to the county Republican. I asked a top Tarrant county judge how you rise in the RNC. He said making consistent donations, being part of the ground force, and most important as a delegate is voting how the hell you are told. That's how you get in or out in delegate voting rights. From there to the state convention you see how the fix was in. All the resolutions were already controlled by the RNC. There was a very strong Rand Paul faction of about 25% but they were completely blown away by the RNC power forces. In north Texas the Bushies hold the big power and they control who gets to vote as a delegate. My question is how to overcome that kind of control. In areas that aren't establishment strong holds, a precinct chairman can probably great things for MAGA but we have to figure out how to overcome the years of RNC control throughout the country.

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