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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
the folks are wondering why people are coming down with polio and HIV etc.

unfortunately, the result of not having sanitation for all the homeless will result in more contaminated run off, which means more virons in the water, rivers laes in cities, which the homeless then use to bathe in...and this is how polio spread before, from contanimation of the water.
kids that swam in public pools or small lakes, ponds at parks etc were more likely to contract it than kids that didn't get in those bodies of water.

there is also going to be an increase from folks not vaxxing for polio, as we do know that was the more successful program, before Bil gates got his hands on it, and started using live virus again, polio was extremely rare using the inactive virus, even in countries with poor sanitation

the sanitation is key, and not just for polio, but hepatitis, as well as typoid and many other water borne diseases.

When folks didn't keep their sewage from their water source, and wells were not deep, some towns lost half or more of their populace every few years.

So this is not a minor issue. THIS IS reason NUMERO ONE that we need to resolve the homeless issue AND KICK OUT DEMON RAT mayors....they MUST get control of where, and how these groups are services to prevent communities from becoming literally unsafe to reside in.

I would advise anyone living in a inner city with umpteen homeless to NEVER wear their shoes in the house. ESPECIALLY if you have kids playing on the floors. Human waste is far more toxic to humans than most realize.

HIV, I beleive some vaccine makers are putting it in the covid shot.

they will justify it by saying that the nano-lipid-HIV combo penetrates the cell, allowing more covid to enter...but this is just one more way to ensure some will get sick.
Thinking we deactivate by current methods has proven false, some virons can survive.

If you go to the deepest oceans, you see critters swimming around vents in water that is 700 degrees or more....virons also can survive heat, and this is the problem. Most will not survive, but it only takes 20 virons to infect a person, so it doesn't take many bugs to make one sick/infect them.

this is probably rare, but still.
When Robert Malone tried it, his team worked for over 30 years on a method, and NO ANIMAL trials were EVER successful, the animals always died...

which begs the question why would they allow most vaccines to be made with this fatal process.

then ask this, if two codons produce fatal diseases.
For example Cystic fibrosis is only one switch, of 2 proteins on one rung of the billion ladder DNA?RNA tiny switch, and the person can't breathe or digest....

then WHY would they try a vaccine that LITERALLY REPROGRAMS YOUR BONE MARROW.

ASK why bone marrow codes for hundreds of disease.

It is because hundreds of diseases ARE IN our environment.

ASK WHY you would them recode your bone marrow....each booster can cause the code to break down for up to a year, and make antibodies ONLY for covid.

HOW can this be wisdom???

It is NOT. WE ARE seeing more and more people with covid/bad colds, again and again and again...
including Biden and Fau-Xi (poetic justice)....

WHY because they are destroying their immune response over and over and over...

these chickens are starting now to come home to roost.
God help us.

we were told to have our wills made out.
that was not to scare us....that was, to tell us what awaited us if we fell for this reckless scam.


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
I told you all something a while back that some questioned...but I have no reason to make it up.

Doctors tell each other things they do not tell the general populace. They should, everyone has a right to know what they know...but this is no longer the norm.

so imagine my surprise when one told me what was happening, the IBS was thru the roof....10 times more than before GMO's.

what else, the immigrants are all coming in with HEp A. B and C. ALl take HUGE amounts to treat.

asians 95% carriers, latinos 50% carriers.

that means....DRUMROLL....only eat ALL cooked food if you go to a restaurant, NOT RAW, NOT SALADS.

WHY, because the virus are transmitted by the food handlers, many of whom fail to keep their hands washed or gloved.

DO NOT assume this is a slight risk, this is a very real risk, and a virus very hard to live with as it lowers liver function, causes exaustion, and cuts years off ones life, decades even.

Do not assume vaccines are safe, watch the movie VAXXED...then listen to Dr. Judy Mitovits, whom they tried to silence in every way possible.

the truth is, most diseases, like MS, Lupus, ALS and many more were CAUSE by vaccines. BY the viruses in the cell lines of mice and monkeys used to grow the viruses....which then passed on certain monkey and mouse viruses to US.

And speaking of that...has anyone asked which company used monkey cell lines to grow their covid/sars ???? Monkey pox=monkey cell lines in all likelihood.

but they will NEVER admit it, it will be up to some poor researcher willing to blow the whistle and sabotage his or her career for us, as Dr. Judy once did, for any of us to ever get to know that.
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