How to make deplorables look stupid 101

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
1. first I would rewrite every quote their new leader says, make reports on those lies 23/7, 1 hr we gotta cover actual news......eventually everyone believes a lie, if you tell it often enough....yada yada

2. wag the dog often and in, get them thinking we are killing children in pizza parlors, then they won't notice that we just destabilized 5 countries, and gave them billions of dollars to buy the weapons to kill us.

3. Buy some old dried cows blood, sell it as children's blood on alibaba. Get those vampire goth idiots to buy it and drink it, yeah mikey'el eat anything..., lace it with an epipen, call it adrenochrome and voila, they are all out looking for pervs when the real pervs are selling us out to the toony tune of half our income yearly, which they then distribute to their idiot/imbecile children and private kiss-ass 3 letter clubs. And now we all look like wack jobs, because you've got us believing a guy for 3 years whose predictions came true exactly zero percent of the time. Meanwhile the true word gets more surpressed with every passing day.

4. and when some question the validity of "someones" who say what we want to hear, use military jargon, say they are "in the know" but have no real inside track as evidenced by numerous bogus nonevents...well thats just becuase of some meme, or time machine, or misinformation he must include to dissuade the unfaithful. and God help you if you don't buy all of it. The more we are distracted, the more they win. The more they lie and distract, the later it gets, the more they "EDUCATE" our children, the less likely we'll ever get IT back.

pray. people time to pray... how bad do you want IT back?

If I wanted to make the right look wrong, oh so wrong, I couldn't have played it much better. Could it be there really is a unholy trinity? Sorrows (soros) Hilljezabillary, and Barely=whosesane-Omama, and their co-whores....Nan Pulls=a=low+C and Chucky=cheese shucmker

wake up people, its later than you think.

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