I was wrong about C being the most racist. There is a more hateful key, the key of A Minor. To get to Aminor, you MUST drop 3 black keys!!

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Feb 11, 2021
The Promised Land -- USA
Yes, it's true. I know now why we are all taught key of C first and not A or its more hateful counter part, A minor. And, wouldn't you know it, is the relative minor to the key of C. Every key sig has it's own relative minor. You see, to get from A to A minor, you must, MUST, drop the 3 half-step up black keys. That's how you get to A minor. There is no other way -- I think we start by learning C, because, although it is hateful, it is not nearly so hateful as A minor, because A minor requires the dropping of 3 half-step up black keys. Insult to injury again, we're dropping 3 black keys, and not only black keys, but half-step up black keys at that. You MUST drop C#, F# and G# to get the A minor chord. One doesn't get to A minor until a few piano lessons in. Perhaps several piano lessons. By then, the hatred is already set in our minds, as it must be before introducing this most hateful key of A minor where we had to drop 3 half-step-up black keys from the key to satisfy the ear, perhaps only the white supremacist ear. Hmmm. Does this relate to LillyGrace777's "Implicit Bias Resonance?" Perhaps only the white supremacist ear is pleased by the relative resonance, measured in Hz. The note A, on the piano, I think in all music, is a perfect 440Hz. I think LillyGrace777 is onto something.
I must study this more, but for now, let us be clear, that the key of A minor is the most hateful key used on every percussion piano. You start out on C, with no black keys. Then you're led to learn the relative minor of C, is A. which in it's natural state has 3 half-step-up black keys, C#, F#, G#. But to learn the A minor scale, you find out that you have to drop every half-step-up black key and you end up with, you guessed it, all white keys. Back to where we started, only more hateful, more hurtful because you've been forced, FORCED, to drop 3 half-step-up black keys. DROP THEM! otherwise you cannot get to A minor. And there is that minor word again. The base of the word minority.
How could we all have been so insensitive and hateful. (I hope no really WOKE people take this up and try to incorporate it into their absurd narrative. I'm being absurd to , as Rush used to say, demonstrate absurdity, or something like that. I miss Rush.). Well, I am working on that moniker LilllyGrace777. I have some ideas. stay tuned. Thanks for your feedback.

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