If we ever survive this hostile take over within our country....

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Well-known Member
Mar 16, 2021
We are in dire straights.....If we ever survive this hostile take over occurring within in our country, I propose that the we have our own "hundred year plan" of non-global domination. Actually I think it could be accomplished in twenty to thirty years if the corrupt politics could be outlawed. Fight the CCP on all levels.

While I see this as wishful, idealistic thinking on my part, I wanted to put it out there. I'm so tired of the fear & anger & fight that I wanted to have one positive thought to share with you today.....

The Plan: Eliminate the dependency on Chinese based products that this country has fallen into. This entails everything that has been covered about theft of intellectual property, etc. Eliminate the Cartel control in the countries to the south.

How: Carrot & Stick: Give tax incentives to the big corporations to invest in Mexico & countries south of the U.S. by building manufacturing plants there, bringing those populations into a better life by building schools & communities. The aim would be to create havens of hope, education and prosperity in countries on this side of the globe. Those who invest in the Chinese controlled countries will be incentivized financially not to do so. The people of those south of the border countries would be building their own future, not traveling here and impacting ours.

Properly presented, those governments should welcome incoming investment dollars as the incentive for change, bringing help to the people in those countries. Eradication of the cartels, educational opportunities, and building a better world to the south of the U.S. would be the political, financial and humanitarian goal.

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
The takeovers been happening for over a century started by and continued by the bolsheviks who run the banks you know those children of the devil people. Fought against the wrong side in the wars. Oh well. I am just surprised it has taken people so damn long to see even 5% of what is going on and most still don’t get who the real enemy is...

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