In the ranking for the best meme ... Awesome ... Alex Jones refuses to play by his persecutor's rules

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Well-known Member
Jun 23, 2021
I could (and have ) watched this over and over. Every time it cracks me up. Jone's keeps as straight a face as the Admiral testifying on Capitol Hill when Georgia's Hank Johnson asks if Guam is going to "tip over".

Bumping this back us so that everyone else spits their milk out of their nose. Enjoy!


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
you know some are going to hate the message no matter the tome of the messenger, but in this case, Alex had it coming.

I only watched him two or three times as his vitriol was apparent at every turn.

It's one of those times when, even if he was right, he was wrong. The angst was thru the roof.

Must say, we should go with our instincts because in most cases first impression are right, not always, but usually.

I think what his attorney did was egregious.

However, it reminded me of the verse "be sure, your sin will find you out".

meaning, God will expose you if you end up being an ahole.

what the phone calls and texts proved is that he knew he was lying.

He knew. NOT a good look for anybody, but especially those purporting to be in the Lord.

Once we get to where we notice who is in it for the money, we will be on the right track to outing the posers,

but we must also look at what they do....calling griving parents liars, when Alex was the liar???

He is DONE hopefullly.

(although their are still phoney preachers that get away with murder so who knows.)

I hope he hangs his head in shame,
AND I hope they find ALL his money, and distribute it to all the parents of sandy hook, all of whom were castigated due to this man.

it's one thing to try to ferret out false flags,
its quite another to continue the premise when you know its not true.

The last thing we need in an age of liars is to have the whistleblowers also turning out to be no different.

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