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Feb 13, 2021


The Wicked Are Terrified​

This massive attack on Q shows one thing: those who own the mainstream media, are terrified of Q.
What does that tell us?
o what is Q? It is an anonymous group of top level military intelligence patriots, who are exposing the widespread corruption in the U.S. government, Big Media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and basically in every aspect of our society. This exposing is done on platforms like
Q's main mission is to awaken the ignorant public to what is going on behind the scenes of the media theatre.
Q digital soldiers

All mainstream media and goverment entities are given a strict narrative which they have to present to the public. That way the wicked can manipulate the minds of the masses. Their greatest fear is that the public would wake up from this deception, and start thinking for themselves. Therefore Q encourages people all over the world to do research, and spread the actual facts about what is going on. Q calls these investigators 'citizen journalists', 'digital soldiers' or 'midnight riders'.
Below you can see an example of a 'Q Drop'...
Q information warfare

Q Exposes Pure Evil​

Q revealed that the richest entities in the world, like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, Soros, the Saoudi Arabian royal family, and royalty in nations around the world, have become so extremely evil, that they need to be stopped… or the world will be destroyed by them.
The following illustrates the sheer level of wickedness of those who rule the world, with their trillions of dollars... On December 12th 1972 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild held a Surrelist Surrelist balll at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions. While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web.
Here you see the Rothschild hosts welcoming the wealthy elite. The lady wears the head of a horned animal, the symbol of satanism.
rothschild evil satanism

These hideous displays at the parties of the world's wealthiest, reveal something appaling: these people celebrate human sacrifice, and cannibalism. It gets even worse: Q and many other truth speakers in our times, have revealed that the elite of the world are deeply involved in ritual child sacrifice.

How The Wicked Control The World​

The Rothschilds used a simple strategy to gain control over the world: centuries ago they started lending money to royal families, for their wars.
As a result these royal families became submitted to the Rothschilds, as they owed them large sums of money.
In this photo you can see Evelyn de Rothschild pocking the chest of Prince Charles, which is a clear sign of who's the boss.

Next they began gaining control over the international trade of gold and silver, which gave them even more power. The Rothschilds then started influencing the money of entire nations, until they owned the Central Banks (= above commercial banks) in no less than 165 countries!
Without the knowledge of the public - who thinks they are being governed by 'elected' politicians - the Rothschilds in fact manage almost the entire world, through their centuries of strategically increasing their grip over the world’s financial flow. They started the World Wars and financed both sides to enrich themselves.
world war rothschild

Almost every single war has the same people behind them, who create these wars to destroy people, and increase their own wealth.
'Pure evil', as Q said.

These evil beings (they can hardly be called 'humans') manipulate presidents, ministers and basically appoint both sides of many governments: the sitting government, and the opposition. The public has no idea that it’s all a show, played out before their eyes, to give them the illusion of having a voice, trough their political parties. In reality they are all appointed by election fraud, bribery, murder, and manipulation by evil entities like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and others like them.


FALL OF CABAL how these wicked, wealthy people have been destroying humanity for centuries, for example by poisoning our soil, water, and food with extremely toxic chemicals.
hey are the ones pushing pornography on the world, to enslave humanity to perversion, they are behind the whole transgender agenda to destroy the identity of boys and girls, they are the ones using entertainment to tear down the morals of the people, they hide true history and replace it with nonsense stories about apes evolving into humans (while actual history shows ancient cultures were in many ways more advanced than we!), and so on.
Their goal was, and is, to enslave the world to their lies, in order to control them. A deceived people is a weak people.
That’s why every single successful cancer treatment has always been suppressed (and the inventors murdered), free energy for humanity is being hidden, children are programmed in schools to be slaves of the rich, natural healing is censored and chemical medicines are promoted as the only solution for our health, vaccines are enforced on children instead of teaching parents how to raise healthy kids, and so on.
Once we understand who is behind all this evil, we begin to see clearly in this world.
global control

Their power has been growing tremendously through widespread infiltration of health organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, education, technology, science, etc.
They wage a relentless war against truth. Why? Because truth sets people free, makes them strong and healthy, and raises them up to become the royal individuals they are created to be. Truth also connects us with our divine source, purpose, and destiny and empowers us to defeat evil, and wickedness.
Truth is life. Truth is freedom. Truth is power.
Q has played a major role in awakening humanity to this cruel power system, that forms the current grid of our world. Do you understand now why the mainstream media went to war with them, trying to convince everyone that Q is a bunch of nonsense? That’s what they always do with truth: tell the world to believe their insane lies, and consider truth as silly stuff for stupid sissies. The CIA invented the word ‘conspiracy theory’ to mock those who were beginning to discover what is going on, and label them as idiots who believe ‘unproven’ conspiracies.


For decades the NEW WORLD ORDER was described as one of these conspiracy theories, until the United Nations openly said they ARE the New World Order.
r for example the ‘conspiracy theory’ that Google is deliberately manipulating their search results, to hide truth from the world, and only shows their version of reality. Who believed that kind of nonsense, a few years ago? Now hundreds of millions are seeing with their own eyes, how insane censorship is taking over the world, with medical doctors, scientists and experts in any field, being cancelled by social media, because they don’t go along with the script of the wicked.

This has been the case over and over again: courageous researchers who were uncovering the wicked plans behind the theatre stages of our world, were mocked as ‘conspiracy idiots’, until... what they warned for began unfolding before the very eyes of the ignorant masses.
The goal of this cabal or international network of wealthy criminals, has always been to make sure humanity only listens to THEM, and discredit those who reveal truth.
Q however has been successful in igniting a worldwide revolution, that is unstoppable: hundreds of millions of people started thinking for themselves, do research, ask questions, discern the deception on television and the news, and reconnect with their own inner voice, and conscience. Ultimately they reconnect with the source of all love, truth and goodness. This origin of love and goodness wants to use all of us, to heal this beautiful world.
Not by controlled religion, but by open hearts that want love to reign.
Where the cabal, deep state, elite, the 1%, the Illuminati, and however we call them, worship the powers of evil, Q repeatedly said jesus christ is our savior, who is fighting for the deliverance of humanity through his brave warriors. Q therefor repeatedly calls people to pray and look to God, for our rescue.


It is literally the epic conflict between good and evil,
light and darkness.
s Q points out, the level of corruption has become nothing less than pure evil. What is going on behind the closed doors of governments, media, big corporations, and so on, is literally too horrible for words. Yet, the world needs to become aware of it, so we as humanity can start taking it down.
Choosing ignorance, is in fact allowing this cruel wickedness to keep destroying innocent children, and people all over the world. Now is the time to wake up.

Light Conquers Darkness​

light darkness

History shows that the powers of darkness always lose, when God steps on the scene. As the first missionaries two thousand years ago started to spread over the earth, they drove out the cruel bestiality that characterized every single ancient culture. Light casts out darkness! As Christ said:
'You are the light of the world.'
Sadly the reality of love and goodness was in many occasions turned into dead, oppressive religion by the wicked, causing many people to step away from it, and return to the realm of darkness.
But throughout the past two thousand years of history, we do see an increase of wellbeing over the whole earth, where people discovered a Creator of love and goodness, who came to them in Jesus Christ.
No longer did people have to live in fortified cities, infested with plagues and corruption, because outside of the cities was only violence, death and cruelty. No longer were people being tortured on the market places of the cities. No longer were people eating each other, and publicly offering up their babies to demon gods.
As the realm of love and light broke through, thanks to the courageous missionaries, the past century literally became the most prosperous time in all of history, with paid vacations, health care, abundant food, safe travels, free time to actually enjoy life (which was unheard of in the past, where people always had to work hard to survive), and so on.

The Hope Of An Easy Escape​

This progress of love and goodness, was however sabotaged when the children of darkness, got a foothold in our societies. By controlling the media and entertainment, they re-introduced the ancient pagan practices, destroyed healthy families, promoted sexual perversion, and made the world addicted to television.
They effectively paganized the once Christian societies again, through the use of media, education, entertainment, and false science.
Key to this return of evil, was the introduction of a new doctrine into the Evangelical Church, called ‘the rapture’ and ‘the end times’. This doctrine teaches the children of the light to allow evil to take over the world, and wait to escape this invasion of darkness through a rapture. The Bible was strategically mistranslated, and single verses were taken out of context to introduce this new mindset. Instead of pushing darkness out of this world, and healing humanity, building a better world for our children, millions of Christians worldwide suddenly believed they had to be on the look out for an easy escape.


This caused the Church to step away from being a powerful influence of love and mercy in the world, and instead focus on ‘getting outta here.’
scofield bible

This 'escapism doctrine' was injected into the American church by C.I. Scofield, who was financed by the Illuminati, to publish and freely distribute the Scofield Study Bible. Thousands of Evangelical pastors in America received a free copy of this Bible, which changed the entire theology of America. This was the first Bible in history to contain hundreds of footnotes, that told the reader how we are in the ‘end times’ and darkness is going to overtake humanity.
Every effort to heal the world was therefor useless, and the Church was told to sit back, and hope to be taken away soon.
Tens of thousands of false prophecies concerning the end of the world, rapture and a physical return of christ flooded the world, causing the entire Evangelical world to shift from a deliverance mindset (cast out evil, and establish the kingdom of love), to an escape mentality (allow evil, and hope to be raptured away).

That was a very strategic move of the Rothschilds, because once the army of light was disarmed, it was easy for them to push out Christianity, and usher the ancient darkness back in. As every conscious observer will have noticed, the past decades the practices of witchcraft, sorcery and magic were massively re-introduced into our cultures. Movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and many others told the world we all should be involved in the occult. No longer is God the source of hope, life and salvation, but now people are taught again - like our ancient ancestors - that we should worship demons, practice magic, seek counsel from spirits, consult mediums, and so on.
The dark realm that had been cast out by the children of the light, got free entrance once again.
For the Church - who had been told by the Rothschilds that this is the end times - this only confirmed their new belief:
‘See, this is proof of what we believe: evil is taking over the world, these are the end times!’
The ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy...

The Great Awakening​

Q however never promoted this escape-theology, but on the contrary calls for a worldwide reformation, and restoration of the world. Once humanity wakes up from the mind control by the media, and starts reconnecting to the source of truth, life and love, a brilliant future awaits all of us.
That’s also the reason I am writing this post, to help all who read this become aware of the international attack on humanity.
The covid pandemic, and the coming planned pandemic serve to destroy our world, and enslave us to the claws of the wicked. Their strategy is simple: ‘warning’ the world for a danger, causing it to happen, and then say:
‘See, we warned you. Now listen to us, and let us take control of your lives, to protect you.’
It can seem impossible to fight back against multibillionaires and even trillionaires, who own almost every government and media worldwide. Yet Q showed humanity there is hope. These top level military intelligence experts have not bowed down to darkness, but they strongly hold on to Christ.
For decades they have been preparing a plan to save the world from this invasion of darkness.

As the plans of the New World Order are being rolled out, it is in fact causing an unprecedented awakening of the world, as more and more people now see with their own eyes, what the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been saying for decades.
They feel the oppression, they see their rights being taken from them, they witness the destruction of entire nations for a disease with a 99,7% survival rate, and so on.
Although the time we are in, is very difficult, there is a major breakthrough through it all. As the Bible says:
‘The Lord uses all things for the good of those who love him.’
The wicked will fall into their own swords!

The Great Awakening​

I want to end with a powerful, and heartfelt prayer posted by Q...

Strengthen my faith, Lord. Forgive my sins, so that I may be clean in your righteousness.
Make me brave, so I can stand and fight the spiritual battles in my life and in our world. Give me your wisdom and discernment so I won't be caught off guard.
Together, Lord, we'll win, because in truth, you already have. While evil still roams, the power of Your name and Your blood rises up to defeat and bring us victory against every evil planned against us. While malicious actions may disturb us, we use the armor of God You have given us to stand firm.
You will bring justice in due time for all the harm and needless violence aimed at Your children. Until then, we remain in Your presence, aligned with Your purposes, and we look to You as our Supreme Commander and Protector
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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
You do realise nearly everything “Q” has said about evil has been known and people, not the brainwashed herd, knew about it before this psyop came along, right? From pedophilia to devil worshiping to NWO etc etc we knew about this already. He/she/it just regurgitated the same stuff others have repeatedly said throughout history. It is in books, in history, it is everywhere. These same people who believe in the q cult now, were told of these things before, only for them to ridicule the person telling them the truth. Bit too late.

Other than that everything else about Q and the military and trusting Operation Trust is nothing more than bs to keep the herd weak and compliant And to make people think someone is going to save us while they roll out communism when nobody is going to be saving humanity anytime soon. If I am wrong I will say so, but until then I call bs. March 4th is the cut off date.
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