is china going to invade continental united states?

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm
for a minute i wanted to believe china and russia were really getting ready to invade us but it just doesnt make sence. why did the elites destroy our land with geoegineering and make us all sick with tones of diiferent poisons like flouride in our water for the last 100 years just to destroy us in an invasion. what would be the point of migration replacement if china was going to just invade us anyways unless the chinese and russia are doing their own thing. did the freemasons lose their power to china or do they all work together. none of this crap makes sence im so dang confused. if theres anyone who has the time and wants to help me out , only if you know your 100% can you please tell me whats going on. i understand that theres secret societies and that their all working together to make a one world goverment and that america was always destined to lose its world stage power to the one world goverment but its not making sence with china, how are they involved. this whole one world satanic stuff is confusing. i just want to known whats bull crap and whats not.


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