Is God helping us by filling us with a desire to return to Nature?

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Sep 12, 2021
Spent a few hours hiking and I had this thought . . . . A big part of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN has to be a return to Nature.

There are different interpretations of what the New Testament says about Jesus and other religions . . . . but as I understand it, Jesus didn’t try to convince people to believe anything new, change any behavior, or join his group. He simply loved them, praised the good in them, and answered whatever questions they had.

I think Jesus would recognize this video as an expression of something that isn't quite based on His teachings, but is very spiritual and Christ-like, nevertheless.

Is it possible that in this time of great evil, God is holding out Nature to us the way one throws out a rope to a drowning man?


Think about it . . . .

Let's say you have a bill collector siting alone in a cubicle inside a modern office building. She doesn't go to church and thinks of herself as a completely areligious, sophisticated, modern woman.

All day long, she's on the phone talking to belligerent people. There may be 50 people on her floor working in other cubicles but she's totally alone, doing a job she hates.

But when the weekend comes, she puts on her backpack and flees into the woods.

Is it possible that her longing for Nature is actually a longing for God?

Consciously, she translates it as just "wanting to get away" or "finding peace and quiet."

But in the quiet of the woods, her mind grows quiet too. And in the beauty and peace of Nature, God is much easier to find.

Is that just a coincidence or is He throwing her a rope?

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