Is there a Biden reason why Ships are backed up in Long Beach/L.A. Harbor?

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Jan 10, 2021
I live in Long Beach, California. The Long Beach / L.A. Port is the largest in the nation. Some of the lefty local newspapers and the lefties in my Local Group are trying to claim that the large back-up of ships waiting to be docked is because of coronavirus among the dock workers. I highly suspect this is wrong because dock worker are considered "essential workers" and many probably already have vaccinations and overall, the covid cases are going down dramatically. I highly suspect this is just being used as a pandemic scare story. I suspect the backlog has something to do with a Biden policy change like maybe eliminating Chinese tariffs but I haven't yet found any info to back that theory.

Does anyone know of any Biden executive order or policy changes which would contribute to this scenario?

By the way, a waiting line of container ships is not unheard of. There have been times when I've driven along the ocean and seen a very long line of container ships lined up. But that was prior to Trump.

Also, another point that I worry about is that the port revenue is a large source of funding for the cities and that the port revenue has decreased significantly in the last few years. I believe that in order for the "progressive dreams" to be furthered, they need that revenue restored. I strongly believe that Long Beach is slated to be made into the utopian progressive city.

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