It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination: By Attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico --Video Interview --

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Feb 13, 2021

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW ----- interview with the Attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico

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Mar 1, 2021
pcr machines (primer 101,)

from the inventors own words, are to detect in blood the number of virons per ml of blood.

they are only as good as the lab tech running the batches (very overworked people right now)

and can easily be contaminated,contaminate the other slides if not loaded carefully to prevent slides from touching each other,

and they must be cleaned and cleaned to a fair thee-well between batches,

Never treat on the outcome of ONE PCR test. UNless you want to poison yourself for what may well be and a very often is a mistaken result.

also, and ESPECIALLY be very suspicious of very low viral loads.

Virons multiply like rabbits on steroids and meth, so you will have thousands even on day 1 and millions in short order pr ml.

an ml is an amount equal to 5 drops of blood.

if you get a viral load that is low,

like my son, who had a viral load of 47,

that is not a diagnosis of illness,

that was impossibly low. It did happen. His physician immediately wanted to give him a life threatening chemo therapy.

Which is why I contacted the inventor for his imput. Guess that hobby of reading med journals finally paid off.

He said " It is a machine less than clean, or a viral slide touched. brushed his slide in loading." No one has a viral load that low, repeat the test.

as God is my witness this info is from the man who actually invented these machines.

Ergo advise to readers:
I would not submit to any treatment based on one such test. Make them run it again even if you must pay for it. Otherwise you could be putting yourself through hell, and lying in a pneumonia laden ward, where the pneumonia on top of whatever flu/cold bug and treatment they start before they know for sure what you even have, may be what does you in.

most folks admitted to ward die of the pneumonia which haunts the wards now, and is carried by the workers. they all carry klebsiella pneumonia and some other strains, but are themselves immune from years of exposure.

Meanwhile they can pass it to you in your weak state, and that is the death-nell for most elderly. Its the pneumonia they get while on ward, not the flu or whatever illness they came in with, that does the grim reapers work.

Also avoid folks who have been in hospital with any lung respiratory condition. They can continue to shed for months. Some become carriers, which is why the name "walking pneumonia" comes up.

walking pneumonia just means your white cells are fighting a good fight, ergo still walking. It doesn't mean you are well, or not contageous and a danger to others with weakened immune systems.

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