It Wasn't Just Cuomo: Many Democrat Govs Sent Covid Patients into Nursing Homes

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New Member
Mar 5, 2021
They placed the most vulnerable in conditions of the greatest danger, knowingly, because they wanted to kill them. They do this with babies in the womb: future human beings, also the most vulnerable. And they do it because they have the opporuntity to do it -- which is what they really desire to do -- because they think they can get away with it unscathed. That is why retribution, payback, in the form of legal prosecution and public airing of the evidence of guilt, followed by requisite punishment, is essential: first, to punish the evil-doers and second, to dissuade others like them, who will, if made untouchable, will liquidate all their enemies -- meaning, absolutely everyone, in time.
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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
I don't think it was just democrat governors. IIRC Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan did the same thing.

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