Joe Biden’s Mission to Erase The United States of America

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Charlotte, NC — On Friday, President Joe Biden made his first speech as President as part of the G-7 summit. As part of his speech, he declared that the idea of “America first” is over and that America is back as part of a global alliance. In other words, he is no longer concerned about America but how he can replace American interests with those of everyone else.

The speech should come as no surprise as Biden has made swift action of his plans to destroy the American economy and any idea of American exceptionalism. He reentered the Paris Climate Accord, has promised to begin supporting the World Health Organization again, and has started talks to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal.

With all of his actions, the much safer United States, which experienced a four year Presidential term without war and countless peace deals, is now in more peril than it was before. He claims the moves make our nation safer but nothing could be any further from the truth.

Not only do you have to worry about Biden’s domestic terrorists (Black Lives Matter and Antifa), but now China and Iran become even stronger once again. President Trump’s policies of America First had begun to work against China and had taken a significant toll on Iran. It will probably not be long until Biden starts making cash payments to fund Iranian terrorism once again.

In a recent appearance on Fox News, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even talked about the dangers of Biden’s policies. He said that the US cannot afford these transitions and we are going back when ISIS was in control. A time when the world feared the power and terrorism that was being funded and supported through weak international policy that failed to recognize America as a leader.

The WHO, who participated in the cover up of the COVID-19 spread from China and is significantly influenced by the communist regime, will no doubt celebrate that the United States is once again funding their nonsense and failures. World powers are celebrating that the United States is committed to a Paris Climate Accord that will cancel more American jobs, drive up the price of American commodities, and will continue to decimate the fossil fuel industry.

Rather than helping the United States, Biden is destroying the United States once again. We have moved from a President that loved our country to a President that is more interested in helping any other country. Yes, Biden is more in love with his communist friends in China and the corrupt regime in Iran than his own country of the United States.

Americans are already being crushed under the ridiculous policies of Democrats across the country. They are suffering at the hands of unscientific lockdowns that have been proven useless. Businesses are closing, jobs are being lost, and the economy is being destroyed.

Biden is not concerned about that, however. He is more concerned about his friends over in China, to make sure that he takes care of them for all that they have done for his family and specifically for his son Hunter. American interests are no longer important, but rather global interests that do little to help anyone here in the United States.

While the legacy media and congressional Democrats celebrate the changes and the moves, they are not the ones that will suffer. It is Americans across this country who will suffer. It’s those on the Keystone XL pipeline who saw their jobs wiped away with one signature. It’s those who work in other manufacturing, which saw a resurgence under President Trump, who will see their positions erased in favor of trade deals that help Joe Biden’s friends.

Biden said he wanted to be the President of all Americans, but his actions tell a different story. His actions say he prefers to be an accepted global leader, rather than the leader of these United States of America.

Biden is on a mission to erase the United States of America. He wants to eliminate anything we are and everything we have been.

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