Joe Biden Didn’t Even Have to Campaign to Win

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Feb 24, 2021
Joe Biden didn’t even have to campaign to win.
Which is un-fking-believable. i don't believe it. I believe the Commie Democrats™ figured out a way to Jam the Gears of Justice™ long enough to use the force of media and threat of cancelling people from their employment, and death threats to judges to shove their load of crap through the window between election day and January 6. That day, they were prepared. While we started eating the crap pie they dished up, their allies cutoff deliberation of the votes by springing a fake insurrection shoved up our tails with a psyop plunger (link proving the the fake riot was staged by the Lincoln Project), guarding the heart of their operation with the terror we already had bought from their fake covid scare that few can challenge with confidence due the Jedi hand wave they used as they declared the Ridiculous Fauci is Science, while censoring legitimate doctors and scientists, penetrating a chink in Trump's armor where his confidence is less than 100% (medical matters), and that is how this happened. The Jedi hand wave does not work if you are able to deal with the relevant science. Very few can do that, even among professional doctors and scientists.

I will thank MIT, followed by 35 years of professional science work, employing a unique knack to grasp science in a certain way. I know when I know and know when I am not not certain, and what matters now is not what I know or think, but that you must know the truth about COVID yourself with absolute confidence, not a hunch or likely guess, but know the way you know what happens if you drop a 35 pound cannon ball from waist level onto your foot. Any doubt what will happen? How about this, do you not sure it will hurt like hell? That is how sure must be (and can be) about COVID. It is either that, or the Commie Democrats™ will dangle their latest COVID trick from the comfort of their basements, so, in a few years, we will be merged with Venezuela and all the countries between there and Canada. Our country will be a shithole and Freedom will be gone from humanity for hundreds of years at least.

Worried about the morality of protecting ourselves while fellow humans are marooned in shitholes? What is the first rule of lifesaving? The first rule of life saving is do not let the person you are saving drown you. If that happens you help no one. I have looked at this problem up and down and I am positive there is no way around that sad deal. I put an engineering change order into God, and the only response I got was a suggestion to give up on the objective of being able to help everyone. It breaks my heart.

We need to recognize the reason Pelosi and main media jump so fast to the Insurrection Card™ is it is another case of the Left Projecting Their Own Crimes™ and that means we must do what they will call treason. If by God's grace we manage to turn around enough of the fraud to elect one of ours into the Commander in Chief's position we must immediately, on January 20th 2025, at 12:15 pm. (assuming the compromised Supreme Court will not reverse the election sooner even though they clearly can issue an order to do so once we have the written by our hands) as our new President's inaugural address will have to explain, declare as traitors the various people and government entities we know are subverting our country so we can use force of arms and strip them of their rights in a manner that allows us to never lose power to these forces again, as a crucial step in building a new kind of Liberty and Freedom that is like one we have known, but even better, smarter, true to our original ideals, no compromise, but no giving in the evil either. We can and must do this. They can say they can do it, but they cannot, because are ignorant of the facts of life. They have only untested theories.

We must have firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, with vision that is a lot better than we have had thus far.

What if you found out that actually, it turns out, contrary what you thought you saw with your own eyes, COVID does not exist? What would that tell you?

Have you seen this?

Wondering what the hay?

Here is more video where that came from, just one FAST click away.
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