Joe Biden's state of union transcript leaked early.

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
I’m, I’m, oh gossh I’m president. I waited a long time for this…and 500 thousand votes, were, oh you know the thing. I can’t really sign too many more hairy legs into law today…because we know I was last. I mean first in my class…

Oh uh this ear piece, (he fumbles with his ear and checks his wrist wires) …. can’t can't hear ....well…ok

Now when you read off a teleprompter you gotta keep lookin away and that aint right, you know we went over this at the kitchen, this morning, the table, over and over…if the mike goes, go to screen, but look at cameras, move yer eyes……….I know the drill, I know, that’s no number I can get wrong.

Now what I wanta tell ya is , we got hope, we made more off the vaccine then the light bills…and now the campaign coffers are good, and its all built back better…and we will win, we will govern, and Kamala is in charge of the Maximo and she works her Maximo best, he heh that’s a little private joke over here… when we keep that in stock. So lets not worry…we gotta , we gotta make the wall tear down, and make the red flag wave. You see red but we see red,, another way, private joke number 2.

So we are hopin, we are hope and changing things..

No oath, no no more oath, putin good, nope putin bad now. I’m getting tough, and making sure things are better and better…Ifor us..not all you,) but us, we’ll all get by. We’ll print money. That’s the key. the little guy can’t but we can, we'll print day and night. the world lets us...Wonderful world.

And you know when you lose one son, you keep the other closer, millions in pay,
now he's close, that did it...I fireD the lawyers, every dad knows we all love our kids…and whatever it takes you know…we build the bomb shelters, and I forgave him that laptop, you know, hard to know what he was thinkin' but we will stay very, stay close.

oh wait can’t talk about that, but anyway, every federal worker makes 2 or 3 times…or not that either…
build back better that all I wanna say. SO, Bomb shelters in every back yard…Broke back better…yeah THAT movie got me goin…GET YOUR MOVIES IN YOUR BUNKERS, OK, so thank you I enjoyed my time talkin to ya…but signalin to go...I’m glad to have been elected because we only lost one time….and now we know how ta keep that from happening…so, for the little guy, and the little kitchen table, this is Joe talkin to ya, and remember I’m from Scranton and anything good comes from Scranton…bye.

Walks off stage with wife. Is heard on hot mike….(I’m from Scranton, right).
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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020

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