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New Member
Feb 15, 2021
I've searched my butt off on this one after the last one was only half right. The wreath one of Trump was in 2017 ,in 2018 - 2020 he walks to the wreath.

But there are three things I can tell you -

1 You will not find a 21 gun salute at the Biden inauguration, there's only one video if you can find it.

2 Only an incoming president gets a 21 gun salute on inauguration day on capitol grounds.

3 Theres no records of any other president who has gotten a 21 gun salute upon leaving office.

You hear and see the shots after Trump takes oath. several videos,

(4) Trump Takes Oath of Office | ABC News - YouTube

No shots heard after swearing in of Joe

Joe Biden sworn in as 46th president of

Watch: Biden Sworn Into Office, Takes Presidential Oath : Inauguration Day: Liv

Updates : NPR
the United States (cnn.com)

This one is before the inauguration at the cemetery. It shuts down after 10

This one is before the inauguration at the cemetery. It shuts down after 10 shots w/ long intervals - says video is no longer available at the end (wouldnt play the second time)This salute is for the dead at a cemetery. this is the only video out there video of Joe's 21 gun salute - Bing video

Reddit pulled it President Joe Biden is met with a 21 gun salute at Arlington National Cemetery. #InaugurationDay : PoliticalVideo (reddit.com)

The pentagon says they aren't giving the customary farewell to Trump with no explanation, nothing official. Plenty of opinions. But Trump gets a 21 gun salute when he departs Andrews for mar a lago, the summer WH ?



You will not find another instance of a living president getting a 21 gun salute as a farewell, I've looked. they all get the pentagon's military troops passing in review.

Gun salutes for other U.S. and foreign military and civilian leaders vary in
number, based on protocol and the honoree's rank. These salutes are always in odd numbers. biden got 10 shots ?


When you put all the traditions and facts together with Trump's current location. Can you honestly believe this HASN'T been in the works for years ?
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Jan 9, 2021
This is incredibly interesting! Didn't realize the military gave Trump the 21 gun salute! I did see the one showing Biden's salute - reserved for funeral and/or foreign leaders. Many of the NG turned their backs to Biden's motorcade. We know the Military loves Trump - he did so much for them and was behind them 100%.

I hesitate to say this next remark... but this kind of fits QAnon perfect too, doesn't it? .. The Military gives Biden the "foreign salute because they know he is an usurper. Trump gets the 21 gun salute on Inauguration Day because they know he really won and is the legitimate President! Man I wish the QAnon story was real! 😐
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