KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America; MAGA's enemies wish this were only Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, Moose and Squirrel, DudlyDoRight

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Feb 11, 2021
The Promised Land -- USA
I have to give proper attribution because I saw this on a network other than Real America's Voice. I won’t mention the host’s name, but his initials are Grant Stinchfield. He recently played clips from a 1984 Youtube interview of Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB defector who, in 1984 warned us that we were in the middle of Insipient Communism. The left wants you to believe he is Boris Badinov. from Rocky and Bulwinkle. The interview took place in 1984, the year, not the novel. This KGB defector goes through the details of how an incipient communist takeover would look. This is frightening to hear him describe in the year 1984 what has been happening since that time until now. Specifically, he talks about many of the points below:
* Three generations of quiet, subtle takeover of the education system, creation of mass confusion, demoralize the entire population, promise lots of "free goodies" which are so attractive that it makes returning to work a cut in pay. *Demoralize the entire population: this was easily accomplished with a deadly virus, followed by a total lock down of the economy and society, killing girls sports by letting biological boys compete with biological girls, stealing an election but don't let anyone talk about it.
*Do any of these things sound like creating Mass Confusion?
Boys can be girls if they so choose to identify that way
Arbitrary cancel culture
A stolen election which cannot be spoken about
Election machines which cannot count any better than Joe Biden can count or speak,
Vilification of an entire race -- White is bad;
Masks don't work, but wear one or be arrested
Walls aren't allowed anywhere except around the "people's house," our Nation's Capitol Complex,
Shutting down travel unless you're an illegal immigrant coming in across the border
Law enforcement refusing to enforce the law: President is selectively enforcing laws
Slavery is bad, unless it's a cultural norm
Abortion isn't infanticide, it's Choice and a woman's right, while at the same time, elimination of the concept of a woman, and a man for that matter

Organ harvesting, whether from Aborted infants or from Uyghur Slaves in China
Violent protestors are actually peaceful, so long as they are affiliated with BLM or ANTIFA and if they set off real bombs (mortar fireworks shot at police) and real fires
The Color of your skin is the ONLY thing that matters; talk about content of character is heresy
Science is the most important basis for everything, except COVID-19, Global Warming or Climate Change, Physics, etc.
Science is the new religion, so long as it is the Science of the Left -- maybe we should call it Political Science. I know the correct term is politicized science, but I like the play on words, so lets just say it's political science.
Inform on your neighbors if they don't conform or if they have guns and ammunition, or if they worship Jesus Christ, God the Father, Jewish Messiah: Mohammed and Alah are okay
Our President cannot speak with foreign dignitaries or diplomats or world leaders; only the Vice President can do this
Fondling girls is okay if your last name is Clinton, Biden, Cuomo, Weinstein, or if you were affiliated with Jeffry Epstein.
Also, POTUS can’t give the State of the Union Address because of the existential threat .... wait for it..... that everyone will see that POTUS cannot handle giving a SOTU address. We're going to find out POTUS cannot keep it together mentally long enough to give a SOTU address. Asking the POTUS or his Media messenger Psaki, direct questions, is the kind of thing only a “white” person would do. Coca Cola tells employees to "try to be less white…….
If this is not creation of Mass Confusion, I don't know what is mass confusion. Oh, and speaking of Confusion, Confucius institutes are actually Confusion institutes. They are not staffed or occupied by spies, they're just here to buy up property, plat out Chinese cities in to provide more “living space” for their ever burgeoning population – anyone remember Lebensraum?

In the actual year 1984, not the novel 1984, the opinions of Mr. Bezmenov, and others who agreed with him were treated as Consipiracy Theorists – we were led to believe that we had reified Insipient Communism; it was then just an abstraction which only conspiracy nuts would believe and treat as a real threat.
It was happening, it has been happening, and in fact has now happened. We are in the middle of a communist takeover. It is no longer incipient, it is a defacto coup. Your program has pointed out that the coup started with the 2015 vilification of Donald J. Trump.
No one is even trying to hide it anymore. They are bragging about it in Time Magazine and on CNN, which is either China News Network, Communist News Network.
They’ve all had us looking at the former USSR. This is the age-old magician’s distraction – look at what the right hand is doing and ignore the left hand. We see the other tools employed: the useful idiots like Romney, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins, and the other who President Trump called out at the CPAC convention.

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