Kraken 2.0: Sidney Powell ----- 270 Page PDF Document on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference

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Feb 13, 2021

270 PAGES PDF FILES Document on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference


Kraken 2.0:

Attorney Sidney Powell released an explosive document on foreign interference

The document includes 270 pages of affidavits, evidence and testimony from numerous witnesses and sources.

THE KRAKEN 2.0 -- The 270 page document details election fraud, names and all! CLICK ON THE LINK

The document includes military and alphabet testimony, and details everything from interference, to origins of voting machine fraud, to cybersecurity intrusions into U.S. elections systems and more.

Sidney Powell contends that documents in the binder prove direct foreign interference and fraud tainted the Nov. 3 presidential election, and that President Donald Trump was re-elected. The entire binder is reproduced here for exclusively.”
Gateway Pundit AND ZENGER NEWS
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