Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz Take Over War Room Studio

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Active Member
Mar 2, 2021
Rep. Boebert's Capitol fortification video is great. The WARROOM "occupation Day XX" is a great reminder. What I scratch my head over is why SKB does not agree with RK on why the occupation goes on and on. RK made it clear in his Hillsdale speech that it's the struggle session introduced by Ted Lieu during the trial:

"...and he does not say the one sentence that matters. He does not say the one sentence that would stop future political violence: the election was. not. stolen. He still hasn't said that sentence. THAT is why National Guard troops in full-body armour still patrol outside."

REP / House Manager Ted Lieu, 11FEB21, US Senate Chamber

Jump to 54:30 mark (the "litmus test")


New Member
Jan 17, 2021
Yes-Thank you for inviting Lauren- My rep too. Western Colorado is MAGA country big time- hard to make a dent on the swampy Front Range- Denver thru Boulder area. Even our papers are lib- Lauren's our brand new rock star.

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